Sunday, 31 January 2016

End of the Month

Over 400 Fieldfares were in a field at Druridge along with 200 Starlings. They moved slowly inland, field to field. Were they new arrivals from the North or East (or birds driven from the West by colder weather)?

Stormy weather makes birding tricky. Keeping the scope steady enough to pick out a Black Scoter at Bamburgh proved to be a challenge too far. Once Storm Henry has passed I might give it another go.

White-fronts have been appearing over the last week.

Gebes still feature highly at Chevington.

Couldn't get close to this bird to get a sharp image, but the colours were amazing.

I wonder why it's called a sawbill?

I'm no usually interested in keeping a list of birds seen, but January seemed to have been a very productive month on the coast. So a quick tally shows I've notched up 134 species on the coast and mst of them on my local patch. One year I reached 198 on the patch (missing some common seabirds and House Sparrow). I think I might justkeep a casual check this year ;-) ... .

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