Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Loving January

Highlights of last few days; Iceland Gull QEII CP, Bittern Chev and Treeceeper.

The Water Pipit at Chev is much more cleanly marked than the Druridge bird (in my opinion).

5 Roe Deer were see this morning.

A breeding bird but not easy to see. Delighted to find two today.

I managed to fluke a view of the Bittern at Chev (18/01/2016). Having heard it was at Chev when RS had a dusk fly by a couple of weeks ago. Today I was told about it being photographed on the settling pools. It is such a pity some people don't put out their sightings for others to enjoy.

The Redpoll flock is still entertaining visitors. Sadly I couldn't capture a sharp image of the 'white' one.

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