Tuesday, 5 January 2016

2016 starts here

The last few days of 2015 were quite special with Great Northern Diver and Peregrine Falcon on Widdringon Moor Lake. Then a text message from BB had me rushing back to see 2 Bewick's Swans he had found.

1st January 2016
Happy New Year

I avoided my usual haunts to enjoy the walk along the beach at Alnmouth. Most listers were hoping to relocate the Water Pipits and Dowitcher. They proved difficult to locate for many but they were easier to see yesterday, as were the Waxwings at Blyth. 

With light refracing at the edges Coquet Island it appeared more like a large ship.

This splendid Brent Goose (ssp Hrota) was on the beach at Alnmouth. It has a really clear necklace so not a juv as I first thought..

6 Grey Plovers also made the day special.

Little Grebe (Druridge)

Sunday afternoon and I though it was safe to visit Chev. It proved to be a good decision; Water Pipit, Slavonian Grebe, Marsh Harrier and Little Gull. Sitting smuggly at home I noticed a missed call ( it turned out to be from BD) a quick check on Twitter and I read about 2 Bewick's at Chev. It was worth  getting the car from the garage to enjoy this rather uncommon sight in Northumberland. Many thanks to BD and ML for getting the news out and JD who also put it on Twitter.

Like the Widrington Moor birds these two Bewick's were gone the next day. 

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