Sunday, 27 December 2015

Hanging On

Up to 50 Twite have been feeding and drinking at the Burnmouh, East Chev.

Water Pipit still lingering near the coal road but getting harder to locate. A brief sighing was 'reported' earlier today (27th Dec).

Still checking Amble Harbour ... no big rewards yet.

Monster in the Harbour!

A lot of water about (but mustn't complain ... we're not in Cumbria or Lancashire).

A distant Slavonian Grebe on the North Pool and the Marsh Harrier on the South Pool.


Having notice a couple of Iceland Gulls (DBCP) last week I spotted another in fields near the Hauxley turn off. Today there wasn't a gull in the field but DBCP had this rather smart one.

Trick to et exposure right. It was a bright sunny day and despite trying I never quite got it perfect, hey ho!

Juvenile Iceland Gull

At one stage picked up reeds and started snapping them. I wonder if it was looking for wintering larvae?

Just a few more days and the listers will be back to zero for the year. I think I'll avoid Chev on Saturday?

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