Sunday, 13 December 2015

Finches and a Pipit or Two


Lesser Redpoll

A cold and still morning and my walk from Druridge to DBCP was mostly about the finches.

A colourful collection

On the way back I found two pipits. One looked interesting but was closely associating with a second which looked more like a meadow pipit. So I headed back to Druridge and returned to Chev in the car taking my field guide with me. (I have made the mistake of confusing Littoralis Rock Pipit and Water Pipit before.)

I met CB and mentioned my funny pipit. We arrived to find it still present with the Meadow Pipit. Chris managed some good photos with important details and we agreed it was a Water Pipit . It did eventually fly South and CB and HG relocated it in the field just South of Druridge Pools. Sadly when I arrived there with BB and RD it had just flown South again. I am sure it is now on the Budge field but will take a lucky spot to find it on there.

Hope my ID of the pipit is correct. Let me know if I've messed it up again.

Features: Bold spercillium, Clear double wing bar, White outer tail feathers, Orange-brown unstreaked rump, very pale colour, streaking restricted mainly to upper breast, streaking on flanks diffuse and dark brown legs.

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