Thursday, 5 March 2015

Twenty Minute Twitch

A call from STa alerted me to a drake Mandarin at Sheepwash."On the weir in full light, you'll get some great pictures!" So I headed straight for he bird and as you'll see above when I arrived it was, distant, wary and in the shade!

Well I'm not a patient photographer (just a snapper) but decided to give it a little of my time. Fortunately for me, it swam towards me and into the sunshine. Despite that it still made life difficult by hiding amongst the overhanging branches.

The branches actually add a hint of the environment and stop it looking like a Washington bird in a concrete pool.

The week has otherwise been slow going. Reports of Mash Harriers from over 10 days ago just show how to connect with some birds you have to be lucky. I'm sure by next month the Harriers will only get a cursory glance but right now I'd love to see one.

Finally White-fronted Geese and Whooper Swans at Warkworthlane are worth checking. One is colour-ringed and I'm waiting to find out a little more about the bird.

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