Tuesday, 17 March 2015


Early morning at Cresswell and crowds have been forming to photograph the spectacular Barn Owls. Sadly my little Sony isn't p to the job so you'll have to settle for this grainy image.

The feeding station is still drawing in the birds and the feeders at Druridge could easily spring a surprise soon.

The Lesser Canada Goose at Chevington doesn't seem to be getting much publicity? Maybe because it is paired with a typical Canada Goose? Looks likely to stay all year.

Finally ... Sand Martin ... first of the year. Migration always amazes me, tiny little birds flying thousands of miles to visit Northumberland before retuning to Africa in September Everyone is awaiting the return of the Harriers and so far a few passage birds have been seen. Of course we should also expect that one year they may not return. If that happens I'm sure a pair of birds passing through will take advantage of the habitat.

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