Wednesday, 21 January 2015


Well at East Chevington today the mammals stole the show. First of all this wary Stoat, not quite Ermine but amazingly cute (for the vicious carnivore that it is).

Then this vole, shivering and looking a wee bit sick. However after it kindly allowed a few snaps it pulled itself to a nearby hole and disappeared underground.

Finally the Otters put on an excellent display. I watched one fishing distantly and almost gave up on getting a photo. Even when it did get close it was hidden by the reeds. A quick scan and I located a second otter even further away. So I checked the wildfowl; Long-tailed Duck, Black-necked Grebe added to an earlier Water Rail and Sparrowhawk meant it was  pretty good day.

Then as I looked out again the new Otter appeared in front of the hide (still a little too far for good pics ... thanks NWT). It entertained me for another 30 minutes.

It had caught a decent sized Eel. It attempted to climb on the ice to feast on the fish but the ice kept breaking so it headed for the island.

Finally secure on land it quickly polished off its lunch. All the while it was nervously watched by two Cormorants. 

What a great day!

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