Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Looking Back

About to throw out some old journals and came across a few interesting ones. Thought I'd better give them a scan before dumping them all. (I will post on Twitter when I'm getting rid of them in case someone wants them.)

With last year's decision to reverse the acceptance of this record it made interesting reading about the initial decision. I remember the bird well! I entered the Budge Hide unaware of how many people could get into that small space. I manage to make a complete nuisance of myself as there wasn't room for one more. The only person I remember in the hide was MPF. Someone kindly let me look through their scope and I tried to estimate its position in the field. The following photographs of coppicing are timely, as when I left the hide I was able to scan the field from the road (impossible now the vegetation has grown).

I managed to locate the bird, through my scope, really easily and my most vivid memory was that of the bird ducking down as a Curlew flew over calling. It was clearly  a very different bird. (pity it wasn't an adult like the cover photo on BB).


Two different looking Tufties

This Heron, on waste ground Hadston, got a second look because of the brown carpals. It didn't have any more brown and my thoughts of Great Blue quickly disappeared  ... got to try harder.

Aaaagh ... best thing at Hauxley today.

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