Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Beast Flushes Pinks

This morning was stunning at East Chevington. No wind, bright sunshine and calm water. The birds did not disappoint; Long-tailed Duck, Black-necked Grebe, Black-throated Diver and 100+ Goldeneye. 2+ Otters were messing about in the water and the rest of the wildfowl watched them closely.

Another Lichen
Xanthoria parietina
(I haven't ruled out the other Xanthria sp yet)

Then as the Pink-footed Geese grazed in the distance (2000+) I noticed the 'beast'. It came in off the sea, flying very low, approaching silently (yes really) into the wind and the whole flock took to the sky.

The 'beast'!

It is lunchtime now and it is grey, blustery and there are squally sleet showers. What a difference a few hours can make at this time of year.

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