Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Last Day of the School Holidays ... ;-)

Reed Warbler

Well the children go back to school tomorrow ... and I don't!!!! ;-)

For those who don't know I retired this year. Until now it's just been a typical school holiday. Tomorrow, however I will not be in the school car park at 07:00 and ready to greet those eager youngsters at 08:45. No more marking, meetings, targets or £*^%£. Will I miss it ... Yes and ... No.


Blackcap (with a brown cap because it's a female).

So 'Best Wishes' to staff and pupils embarking on a new academic year. I hope you all have a really positive year.

Tomorrow I will be thinking of you at 09:00, when the only decision I shall be making, when I reach the beach, will be: North for a long walk to Amble and a 'Fish and Chips' lunch or South to Cresswell for an Ice Cream brunch?

'Love Ya Bye'

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