Monday, 22 September 2014

... and there goes another.

An eventful day yesterday. Several hours spent watching seabirds. Juvenile Kittiwakes (above) which distantly look like Sabines gulls but are nothing like them in reality. Sooty Shearwaters with the silvery underwing making them far from dull. Mediterranean Gulls with their pure white plumage shining against the grey sea, once a very rare sight in Northumberland.

News of the day was that of a Fea's petrel headng North. It took its time in Yorkshire at 09:30 is it finally arrived in Norhumberland some time after16:00 and long after my motivation to stare into the greyness had given in. 

I seem to have lost the urgency to see rare birds.

Well I intend this to be a quieter week. No tweeting or blogging until next Monday.

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