Friday, 19 September 2014

Dreach Dreach Dreach

Robins everywhere.

Plumage variation in pipits is amazing. This one is pristine, what a smart bird for something that is basically brown.

Golden Plovers at Newbiggin

The theme of the last few days has been to find dull, drab looking birds Photograph them in poor light and make them look damp. Well that's how the weather has been, and since the NO vote it means we can still steal the odd Scottish word to describe this weather.
Chiffchaff (above) St Mary's Island
Chiffchaff (below) Hadston

Yesterday having been out in the drizzle for 7 hours I was looking forward to a nice hot meal when I found a Spotted Flycatcher which had obviously just crossed the North Sea and landed at the burnmouth, Chevington. Two birders I met informed me a Brambling was at the feeding station so food had to be delayed while I tried to get a photo in the ever deteriorating light.

Even Goldcrests look dull in this miserable light. Lets hope it's sunny when I find a Firecrest.

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