Monday, 26 August 2013

Don't you just hate ...

  ... no not spiders; Sunny, Bank Holidays!

The spider is a Common Orb Weaver Spider (Metellina segmentata)  .

I think I got this wrong ... Araneus diadematus is the correct ID I hope (24/07/2014) just bough a new field guide ;-)

The excitement of Saturday over; but Black Tern added to tally yesterday, despite a fairly fruitless few hours trudging through the wet rambles in the dunes.

Today was not much better. Migrants still being found along the coast but nothing remarkable in the bay. Two new birds for my list! The Spotted Crake gave brilliant views this morning in good light. it is such a pity NWT don't understand birds and people. Muddy scrapes and hides/screens close by, would give the casual observers and families (without telescopes) a chance to get close-up views of birds and mammals. Chevington is teeming with birds but the casual visitor can't get close enough to see them. (Planning and Management needed!) Maybe thats why they encourage Greylags and Canada Geese so the public can see them; they're big and noisy enough (eutrophication not a problem).

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