Thursday, 29 August 2013

American Beauty

Yeterday's quick dash around the patch recorded 3 Black-tailed Godwit flocks (80, 20 and 5) within 15 minutes.A quick stop at Whitburn Coastal Park to see the Arctic Warbler. A small group had gathered and a couple of glimpses of the bird made me think I would have called it  a Greenish. Then someone asked; Where is the Arctic?, Ha Ha this was a Greenish. The Arctic was at the South end and didn't show during my brief visit.

So on to University Hospital Durham. The chance for a little walk around the woodland trail while waiting had me amazed by this massive suppression of news but now I can put it right. Apparently the woodland is home to an American Beauty. Look closely at the map! The two photos show birds which can be seen. On the right Eurasian Treecreeper on the left ......

LOL   ;-)

Well how spooky ... when I visited Chev today two Jays (eurasian)  flew over the reedbed to the new plantation! Quite a rare sight at Chev.

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