Friday, 5 July 2013

Happy Days

Dreadful pictures, I know, but how about this for a patch bird. Having given up all twitching I decided to wait for this bird to visit me. News that the tern was feeding off Cresswell, I thought I had a chance from Druridge (Is this still twitching?). As soon as I climbed the dune my scope was on the bird  flying North right in front of me. Timing!!!

At East Chevington I could see a mass of birds feeding so I headed up the beach. Sure enough it was there just offshore. No sooner had I put out the news it headed inland for the North Pool. It took some relocating but eventualy it was in flight again and it finally headed out to sea but not relocated. I imagine it will roost nearby and will no doubt be seen on the bay tomorow.

My long walk back to the car was rewarded with good views of Manx Shearwaters and Arctic Skuas. A limping Sanderling was also on the beach.

'patchwork' 160 species, 233 points

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