Saturday, 6 July 2013

Bridled Returns

A quick trip South (Saltholme, Durham/Teeside) then it unexpectly returns to Chev.

Snoring on the sofa a loud ringing woke the slumber. ATh had refound the Bridled Tern at Chevington. A quick attempt to alert people failed as my phone was out of credit. A race to Chev and the spare phone in the car was finally used to get in touch with RBA. Two attempts before I reached IR and let him know the good news. He is currently atop a dune with fingers crossed.

The bird landed at Chev whilst I was watching hence the distant snaps but was consantly harrassed by the Common Terns and eventually flew out to sea and headed south. It may still be in the bay or at Cresswell.

A bonus was a Jay on the track as I tore down to meet ATh.

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