Thursday, 10 September 2020


A bit of time to kill in Newcastle this week so I decided to  have a walk along the quayside. Not as scary as I expected. Not many people and all keeping their distance.

Bird wise a Peregrine was a nice surprise gaining height as it flew West along the South bank of the Tyne. No doubt looking for an unsuspecting wader feeding as the tide was falling.








Not a bridge I know but the silver slug is a magnificent building (imho).

This bird did not get the scrutiny it deserved. I noticed the darker plumage compare to the nearby Herring Gull (Which I failed to photograph.). When I put the images on the computer I realised it had deep yellow legs. Immediately I thought Yellow-legged Gull. So out with the books and I'm afraid I wasn't convinced. I posted images on Twitter and only two people commented. Both were happy with Lesser Black-backed Gull (although I was not convinced) another friend I sent the photos to suggested a hybrid. Well I doubt we'll ever find out but it just shows how important it is to take more time in the field to get more information.

(Bridges 1- Millennium, 2- Swing, 3- Tyne, 4- High Level, 5- Queen Elizabeth (Metro), 6- King Edward (Railway) and 7- Redheugh. (Hope I'm right with these names)


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