Tuesday, 22 September 2020

Autumn Starts

Drinker moth early stage of development. Super colourful and not the usual fat, brown, hairy caterpillar I associate with this species.

A couple of weeks where the Mammals seem to take centre stage, Not many photos though, most being too quick or seen in the early morning.

Foxes at Cambois and South Shields
Roe Deer (5 together in one field.)

The country park has a small population of Crossbills (6-8) which will hopefully overwinter here.

Steady passage of Siskin and Redpoll each day. Some of them stopping to join the large flocks of Goldfinches along the bay.

Good numbers of migrant birds arriving along the east coast. Dotterel, Buff-breasted Sandpiper, Flycatchers, Lapland Buntings and Yellow-browed Warblers. I finally saw brief glimpses of the latter yesterday at Druridge.

Any of my Twitter followers reading this may have noticed I've started a self imposed break from social media. This time gets busy with all sorts of messages about birds and the temptation is to go and see them. I much prefer to find them myself and so I will just go out birding (with fingers crossed) and not worry about missing anything elsewhere.


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