Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Lazy Birding

Due to the changeable weather and the need to get some shopping I have been using the car for most of the last ten days. It is very convenient but it lacks the relaxed pace of a long walk from home.

A couple of wet and windy days had me walking the loop of  Druridge Bay Country Park. Lots of family groups of birds and a scarce breeding bird not so long ago (Reed Warbler) is now even holding territory in small patches of reeds in this busy park.

Single spike of Bee Orchid (a little early).

This Little Grebe has three chicks. One was a bit camera shy.

Summer Plumage Grey Plover and several Knot, non-breeders?


Avocets with two chicks at a new site (not where this photo was taken). Let us hope they can avoid predation.

Cotton Grass

Wild Parsnip

This Roebuck is most obliging. Yesterday it happily fed as I watched it stretching for the leaves and even stayed when I pointed the camera at it.

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