Saturday, 14 March 2020

Little and (Large) Great

Jammy Birding

Raining all night so this Barn Owl was out hunting at dawn. I pulled in to watch it but it kept circling the car so I couldn't resist a couple of snaps. I love my little bridge camera (Nikon p900) but its is a little slow to focus and hence flight shots are a little fuzzy. However it is enough to record special moments like this.


At this time of year it is difficult to know which 'chiffies' are overwintering birds or new arrivals. My little camera set to spot focus allows me to capture the bird and not focus on the twigs. (Not always this lucky though.)


62 Whooper Swans
They're heading North


Little Egret (on the left), Great White Egret (on the right).
Really did I need to do that?

Having suffered the cold grey, windy start at Chevington, I went home for a hot bowl of spicy vegetable stew. The sun appeared so I thought I would tour suitable wet fields in the hope of locating a Crane or two. After Stobswood and Linton Lane, I stopped at Longhirst Flash. Nice a Little Egret then scanning to the right a huge white Egret!

Lucky Me!

I think the accepted name is now simply Great Egret but I find it hard to change my ways. I still call it a Great White.

On Friday when the temperature rose there was an emergence of 'Kelp Flies'. The Rock Pipits at Hauxley were delighted. Also nearby a Chiffchaff was singing.

Other highlights of the last week: Water Pipit, Jack Snipe, Cetti's Warbler and Marsh Harrier at Chev.

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