Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Daily Exercise

I am very fortunate to be able to walk from my house to four different birding patches. If I set out very early I can avoid most people and the few I have seen are keeping as far away as possible.

I also live close to a farm so my garden birds are varied and numerous. So a total lockdown would be bearable. The most dangerous times will be when I need to visit a shop. I should not have to do this for another two weeks. (Plenty of Sphagnum in the lawn for emergencies.)


This GWE was at Druridge very briefly yesterday. The Longhirst bird was reported on RBA a few minutes later so it could be a second bird in the County. I am not reporting birds that might encourage a gathering of birders and therefore I would expect others to do the same. I will not be upset if I miss a few 'megas' this year.

Garden Birds are very amusing. I'll let you think of your own captions for the Woodpigeon pictures.

Red-legged Partridge


Grappling Marshys

This Hare was running down the fence line 100m from me. I guessed it would appear around the corner (10m from me). I crouched and waited! Yes! It the started coming even closer. When it finally noticed be it moved away a little but not at speed. Magic moment!

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  1. Never mind sphagnum.... there was some tasty looking lambs there if you need to do a bit of sheep rustling. That woodpigeon is obviously an ARSEnal supprter. I saw a post re twitchers being reported to police that had travelled miles for a bird. Not sure RBA or Bguides should be reporting them anyway !!!