Saturday, 6 January 2018

Pipits, Pipits and more Pipits

Grey Heron
Amble Harbour

First Stonechat of 2018 ... won't be the last. Very hard to resist snapping a picture.

A walk along the River Breamish was rewarded with a lovely dipper plunging into the fast flowing water.

New Year Plant Hunt
This year was less successful as the harsh frosts had killed off many late flowers. The Green Alkanet which is normally still in flower late in the year was a carpet of soggy black leaves and only one plan had flowers on. Gorse (of Course) is a plant that can be relied on for a splash of colour all year.

Lovely collection of Pipits at Amble. The hail showers and freezing temperatures made scanning the flock a little uncomfortable. Eventually I spotted a colour-ringed bird and it took many attempts photographing the bird before I got some snaps where the ring could be read.


This Rock Pipit (Anthus petrosus) was ringed 14/09/2017 at Giske Ornithological Station, Norway. I saw it at Amble on a roadside flash with 20+ Meadow Pipits, 10+ Rock Pipits (of varying plumages) and 1 Water Pipit. 06/01/2018 NU278038 10:15. Thanks to Kjell Mork Soot for replying so quickly!

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