Sunday, 31 December 2017

Another One Bites the Dust ..

.. Year that is.

December is always a favourite month. Time to appreciate the Natural World we  often forget as we are chasing or hoping to find, rarities.

The Sea Buckthorn at East Chevington has become the early morning feeding area for Bullfinches and up to 8 other species of birds. Always makes a cracking start to the day.

Shorebirds with their various bill shapes and feeding habits are always a joy to watch.

A closer look at the garden birds reveals their subtle plumages.

The once rare Tree Sparrow is now becoming a common sight again, but will we start to overlook it as many have started to do with Little Egret (now also common).

 Highlight of the Year

 It has to be watching the sheer delight on the face of a fellow birder. After years of cycle visits to Chev, every weekend by GW, I was in the hide when a scream of BITTERN followed by leaping and dancing announced to the world that GW had finally caught up with this secretive species. Pure joy for GW and a magic moment for me to witness.

Just to show the rarities can sill be found. BS  rounded off the year with a Ross' Gull. Probably he same bird RA found on Holy Island many weeks ago. It must have been hanging around the Northumberland coast all that time, undetected.

Happy New Year!

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