Friday, 12 January 2018

More of the same ...

...dodgy shots that is.

This Hooded Crow was nice to see in the horse field at Linton (11/01/2018). Looked for it again today but no sign. It was probably close by and  guess someone will see it this weekend. Also good to know my wintering warbler has survived the freezing temperatures in the reed bed on my patch.

When the fog started to clear today I set off from Druridge Bay Country Park to visit Chevington (the chev track is a bit of a mess). First bird in the car park Treecreeper (I don't get many sightings during the year despite them breeding in the CP.).

A wander  down the beach to the burnmouth where the burn has dramatically changed course. A Snipe flushed from the pool was interesting if it had been September I would have been thinking big, but I'm not sure if there has ever been a winter record.

Returning to the car park I heard the distinctive wheezy call of Willow Tit. Sure enough it popped out into the open immediately. Like Treecreeper, fairly difficult to see on the patch despite being present all year round. A rough guesstimate and I'm comfortably past 100 species for the patch and it is only 12th Jan.

After a lunch break I headed to Cambois. Just as I reached the pier a small fishing boat arrived.

Along with it this Iceland Gull.

Although not good photos, this is nice for a size comparison. A Glaucous Gull would be the same size as the GBB Gull.

I think 2018 promises to be a record breaker?

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