Saturday, 2 December 2017

What a Weather Week

Storms, Snow, Rain and Wind!

A distant Diver on Friday had the heart racing. No flank patch ...could it be the Pacific Diver? The Cornwall and Wales birds returned  but could this be our bird returning? The weather was awful, the diver distant and my hands numb with the cold. Eventually (after a few wing flaps) I realised this was a big, chunky diver and concluded ... Great Northern Diver.

Saturday (02/12/2017) and the weather was better and the views so much better. No problem now with ID.

A Peregrine Falcon and 3 Otters may have been the reason for this posture which was repeated frequently.

Now that is an impressive bill!

The burn muddied by silt washed down by heavy rains, made the Kingfisher relocate to the North Pool. Too far from the hide for good photos but a treat to watch for over an hour.

Now this morning calm, mild conditions and still 2 Chiffchaffs feeding in the reed bed.

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