Sunday, 12 March 2017

WeBS and a bit more?

Spring Flowers starting to emerge. I initially thought this might be Early Dog-Violet but the ever helpful BSBI members corrected my ID and it is one of the varieties of Sweet Violet (Viola odorta x)

I am really just a beginner at this 'botanising' and will be spending some serious time improving this year.

(Cladonia sp?)
Scarlet spore-producing bodies at the tip of stalks (called podetin).

Rothbury and Cragside made a welcome break from the patch.

Struggling with this. tiny plant (1cm). Basal rosette of  leaves. Leaves quite hairy. I think it might be Common Whitlow Grass but it looks nothing like the other examples I've seen online.

(Primula vulgaris)

Today this interloper caused a stir. The resident pair of Stonechats were agitated by its presence. The white rump and beautiful markings are reminiscent of Siberian Stonechat, however, the extensive orange breast suggest it is just a variant of our Common Stonechat.

The Resident male. Clearly agitated by the presence of the new male.

I was delighted to see the Shore Larks back at the burnmouth and on leaving this little beauty popped out in front of me and patiently waited for me to snap its profile.

Lots of singing (If you can call it a song ... tuneful it is not.) Reed Buntings but few are in full breeding plumage.

BTO WeBS completed for Chevington, Widrington MoorLake and Stobswood. Good variety and good numbers. I think we may also have a rather welcome surprise this year ... tease!

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