Wednesday, 8 March 2017

It's a Jungle Out There!

Lot of Song Thrushes along the coast I hope they stay and breed.

The Pines at Felton Lane Crossing are being felled. This 'Jungle Fowl' has been displaced by all the work.

The Gyr Falcon has been seen around the bay over the last week. Watching it at rest, through the telescope doesn't always reveal its transmitter. It was just visible when a mobbing crow ruffled its feathers. Even as it flew over it wasn't obvious. However one of my blurred flight shots show the transmitter.

Will we ever get a wild one in Northumberland?

My first Lowl of the year. Always great to see.

Amble harbour this afternoon.

Lesser Black-backed Gull was my first migrant of the year. Chiffchaff in DBCP was probably an overwintering bird.

Reports of Sand Martin, Swallow and Wheatear further South are encouraging and surely it won't be long before we get some up North.

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