Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Dippers on Holy Island

A little late for Tall Ships?

Birding with STa at Cambois. No birds of note but nice to find plenty of Evening Primrose.

Monday morning waiting for tide to fall. No sign of the Thrush Nightingale but met up with several other Dippers.

Plenty of Brent Geese and good to find lots of Skylarks. Don't think they've had a good year in the bay.

Hope this is just Rosehip debris above the bill?


This fine bird was reported again at the Long Nanny. I imagine apart from the twitch on the first day, many haven't bothered because it is from a release programme in Spain. The fact that it may well re-orient and breed next year in Europe (in the wild) shows how fickle bird listers can be. Still if you're interested in birds this is well worth a visit. This super bird is very skilful at catching Bees and tremendous to watch. It even drew a crowd of Goldfinch, Stonechat and Meadow Pipits to watch it make short work of one monster Bee.

Sadly the heat haze made photographing the bird a little tricky.

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