Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Third Time Lucky

Siskins in garden this week (first this winter) and Goldfinch numbers up to six. Around the bay still plenty of owl sightings and the massed rank of photographer are back at Cresswell. Great Crested Grebe at Chev, first a winter plumage bird then a stunning breeding plumage bird. The Slavonian Grebe has also reappeared. The Marsh Harrier continues to hunt around the bay sometimes as far as Cresswell.

News of the Shorelark at Alnmouth came too late for me to visit on Monday (builders expected). Tuesday I had a brief visit, but as little information was give about location, this proved unsuccessful. A call from AC and we gave it a second trip armed with slightly better info.Two hours later we were still 'Shorelarkless' but at least we were looking in the right area. This morning AC sent me even better directions and I braved the rutted road and at last success. 

Better than expected it gave good views feeding in the light drizzle.


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