Monday, 14 March 2016

I Love Mondays

Thanks to STa  for finding this Great White Egret and the news was put out quickly. As I was at Lynemouth Power station car park, it was only 10 minutes later and I was watching the bird (at Bothal Pond). It had a loose feather to spoil the aesthetic effect but it had no problem flying.

Earlier this morning I noticed a report of Avocets at Cresswell. Again I was nearby and arrived to find 10 present. I have been  checking Cresswell every day in hope. The nine stuck together but weren't too happy with the ringed bird? This, I'm sure, is the regular returning bird. Ringed in the first brood at Cresswell 10th August 2012.

Other highlights over the last few days: Peregrines, Buzzards, Marsh Harrier, Barn Owl and Sparrowhawks.

Little Egrets at three sites, two amazingly bright male Crossbills and lots of birds in full song.

Hoopoe Lark at Chev
Maybe not ... just an overgrown upper mandible.

Even a pair of Redpolls lingering at Chev.

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