Monday, 21 March 2016

Colour Ringing (more finds)

Budge Screen
Pintail in fine form soon there'll be Garganey?

Warkworth Lane
Ideal Penduline habitat?

I expected this chap to be showing some colour by now, but apparently they may not achieve the orange colouration until their second year?

Real geese at the 'Goose Farm'.

Buff-tailed and Orange-tailed seen today. The Orange one was trying to pollinate a BMW badge.

This Herring Gull was ringed in SE Scotland I believe. Waiting for details. Today it was in Amble Harbour.

This Great Black-backed Gull also at Amble today was a Norwegian bird. 

Nils Helge Lorentzen (and team) have set up a great website. Type in details and you get immediate feedback.

copy and paste into browser

Last CR-Code Black ring with white code: JU527 LBNW(JU527);RBM
Ringing Centre Stavanger Museum (Norway) Ring number 3020779
Species Great Black-backed Gull  Larus marinus    

Date  Place Coordinates    Days    Distance Direction
20.07 2015      
Jarstein, Nord, Karm√ły, Rogaland, Norway 59°09'00"N 005°10'25"E ----- ----- ---
21.03 2016     
Amble, Northumberland, Great Britain 55°20'02"N 001°34'04"W 245 587

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