Saturday, 28 November 2015


I have been checking the trees near Woodhorn Motors for the last ten days expecting to find Waxwings. Early morning  Friday and the distinct silhouettes (5 in total) could be seen at the top of the tallest trees. I parked my car so I could use it as a hide and waited for the light to improve.

As the light improved they became more vocal and the trilling helped me locate them.

Finally they dropped to the berry trees but they were constantly hassled by a Mistle Thrush.

My hope was to get that classic picture of the berry in mid air and a nice sharp bird side on. No chance!
 I was surprised at the lack of birders coming to see the birds but I guess the Morpeth birds in January meant they were already on the year lists (oh and some people have to work .. tee hee).

Sadly just before AC arrived the Mistle Thrush chased the birds away. We did a couple of circuits of the area but without success.

The 'Brute'

I thought it was worth another look this morning (Sat 28th Nov). This time the light was a bit better and the birds obliged by using the small berry trees. Still no classic photos but again I had them all to myself. This time there were 8 (when I left there were 9) and they seemed to be ignoring the Mistle Thrush.

Last stop of the morning East Chevington and the Black-throated Diver was still on the North Pool.

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