Thursday, 26 November 2015

Big Numbers ... Guesstimates

Great week so far SEOs everywhere but not close to the camera. As the winter progresses I'm sure there'll be better opportunities. Tonight I watched one sitting on a fence post for over an hour, (distance 1 mile) I guess it had just had a meal.

Feeders at Chev are starting to pull in a good number of birds (although my grit tray may be untouched).

Starling Spetacular

I estimated the roost at 5,000

I ought to print out a picture and count the dots. I'm sure there is a minimum of 3,000. I was encouraged to see a group of children were visiting the roost and that staff from their school were encouraging an appreciation of the Natural World. 

Fab bird, poor light :-(

2-3000 Pink-footed Geese in the field north of Druridge.

Back to the Starling Roost tonight. The light faded quickly but the birds gave a fabulous show. Lots of shape-shifting but a bit too difficult to photograph. The Marsh Harrier remains and went to roost quite early, on one of the old nests.

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