Friday, 12 June 2015

Poland (part 1)

2nd June, 2015

After two short flights and a three hour drive (Big thanks to BB, who did the bulk of the driving) we arrived a Wizna. We dumped the bags and headed straight out for some early evening birding

Red-backed Shrikes were everywhere and even by the end of the trip they were still worth a look.

Next the boardwalk for one of the Polish speciality birds. Although distant they were singing in the open.

Aquatic Warbler


Jan's place
Garden full of birds; nesting Flycatchers, Storks and Whitethroats.

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker

My habit of getting up early was well rewarded on this trip.

Black Woodpecker

This pair (above) were just starting their nest building probably ready for next year.

The well established pair below had a substantial nest. Living plants on top and Tree Sparrows nesting in the lower storey.

This was in the garden of our accomodation.

Another LSW

Great Grey Shrike

Lesser Whitethroat another garden bird

Pied Flycatcher (in the garden).

White-winged Black Tern

'Marsh' terns were not as numerous as I had hoped and several other 'common' species were not found.

Ragged Robin
Fields full of flowers were a common sight.

Grass Snake

Map Butterfly (underwing more beautiful than the the upper).

White-backed Woodpecker

White Wagtail

Green Hairstreak

Banded Demoiselle

Great Reed Warbler

Poland Trip List

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