Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Sanderling Update 1

Another Sanderling update. I look forward to getting more info about this bird. Below is Jeroen's email about this July bird.

Dear David,

apologies for an unacceptably late reply to your e-mail from July. I have returned from Greenland mid August, after which I have been entering more than 6000 observations into my databse and I am still not up to date. This is the caused of some very late response, such as to your e-mail, and I hope for your understanding.

The sanderling that you have photographed has been ringed in Ghana. I do not have the details of this individual yet, so I copy this e-mail to my Ghanaian colleagues and hope that they will provide you with any information thyey have about  this individual.

NU 278 007 Hadston Carrs, Northumberland, UK.
25/07/2013    06:45 BST

Bird 1
Right Tarsus: yellow top, red flag, yellow bottom
Left Tarsus: green top, red bottom

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