Thursday, 24 October 2013

No Pics

Yesterday as I approached the factory near the A1 (used to be Searles) a pale buzzard was flying West/North West. This area is well known for Buzzards especially near the Gubeon junction. This, however was worth  a better look. Standing on the stile I was watching a Rough-legged Buzzard. The light was perfect white tail (above and below) and narrow dark tips, pale head, underwings almost completely white apart from carpal patches and primary tips, white upperwing patches (juv?).

Today, closing the garage door a warbler flew overhead calling. Pallas' W, landed in tall Leylandii (Spelling?). Brief views through bins. Then sitting having tea another small warbler in the front garden, probYBW. Unfortunatey only briefest of views.

This time of the year is frustrating because I can only go birding at the weekend, but this week I've hit lucky again.

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