Friday, 14 January 2022

Catching Up with the Residents

The Kingfisher is showing well most mornings.

Linton Lane Ponds

As I approached Linton I noticed a stream of gulls heading from the tip to the ponds for a quick wash. It is not a place I visit often but felt it was worth a check. I avoided the cavernous pothole near the parking bay (phew). Then found my path blocked by Arwen Damage. Eventually I reached the hide.

I think they describe this as triple aspect on the homes for sale leaflets. I did check through the gulls and there were a few interesting variations but none I was able to assign to a scarce category. This must be a troublesome reserve to manage and would probably be best secured with perimeter fencing and a couple of observation screens on the track separating the two ponds. Pointless repairing the hides due to the feral kids in the area.


This perching bird attracted an admiring flock of 50+ buntings. At the other end of the reserve a Sparrowhawk attracted 100+ finches (mainly Linnets) including a single Greenfinch.

Roe Deer


Love these birds!

Rock Pipit

Sad looking gull at QEII country park.


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