Monday, 8 November 2021

Peaceful Places

Short-eared Owl

A (lateish) Common Whitethroat

Marsh Harriers


(Through the 'rectangular window')


In the Shade

Snow Bunting

If you are wondering why there aren't many zoomed pictures, well the camera is 'broken'. Aaaagh! I hate spending money. In the photo above you can make out a dark smudge. When I zoom in the smudge stops the camera focusing. What with the other big bills this months (Why is it always that when one thing breaks others follow in quick succession?) I'm not a happy person.

Well a trip to the cemetery tends to calm me down. This time of year is great. Thrushes and Finches the main stars (20 Mistle Thrushes in my local cemetery.).


A feast for the Thrushes and something to squabble over.



Good numbers of Greenfinches but not enough to rival the 100+ feeding on rosehips at Snab point last week.

Time to calm down and search the internet for a bargain priced camera.


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