Tuesday, 16 November 2021

Big Dipper


Not Again

Well yes!

Another of, my through the window pics of, this gorgeous Sparrowhawk.

And yes!

My computer has gone bonkers and posted the photos in reverse order again (not that it matters much).


Get your books out. Three different divers to test you on this page.

The 'Big Dipper' is me. Just when I thought my luck was in. A rather large female, fairly inactive and with size and looks to match mine, 'landed' at Seahouses. Being a shy guy I didn't want an audience when I tried my chat up lines, so I waited until Monday to pay her a visit. Sadly 'Freya' had departed.

On the positive side I struck gold. This is the first Black Guillemot I've seen in Northumberland.

Strange when I had just had views of the Bonaparte's Gull not my first in Northumberland.

Supporting cast of Summer Plumage Great Northern Diver and Juv Little Gull made it worth the trip.

Long-tailed Duck

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  1. Despite getting stood up by Freya you had a canny day out on Monday !!!! I held fire then word came through that the Walrus looked to have moved on. I kept an eye on things until lunchtime but knew i'd had it. A shame. You never know, she might turn up again. It was nice bumping into you again on Sunday.