Saturday, 4 September 2021

September Sprinkles


Purple Sandpiper


A few more Whinchats

Brown Hare

Willow Tit

This was a day when I decided to keep a tally of patch birds. A three hour walk produced a respectable total of 76 species. (Despite not seeing a Chaffinch or Skylark.)

Today I walked from Hadston to Chevington Burn and back. I spent nearly 4 hours checking every bird in the dunes. A Merlin hunting and two Wheatears were nice finds. Then I fell into a hole (knee deep). It might have been one of the post holes from the burnmouth fence.

On the way back I saw the Merlin again distantly and when I was within a few hundred metres of the car being torn to shreds by the Brambles I found a Barred Warbler. A magnificent sight which lightened my mood. Sadly conditions meant it stayed out of sight for most of the 30 minutes I waited. Hopefully with a bit of sunshine it might start feeding on the outside of the bushes in the next few days.

I'll be back!


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