Thursday, 15 August 2019

Getting Twitchy?

8 Ruddy Shelduck

Saw these at Druridge earlier in the week. Today they were on N Pool, East Chevington.



Headed for an early start at Newbiggin. Lagoon banks alive with family groups of common birds. Whinchat my target bird for the day and bingo, crossing the golf course an early success.
(Wish it worked every time.)

Wood Sand and Ruff at Druridge, caffeine stop and on to Chev. Here a juv. Marsh Harrier put on a good display. Apparently the young male (1cy) managed to fledge two young from two nests. One of the juveniles is clearly a female because it is huge.

Migrant Hawker

Surprised to find this Hawker in blustery conditions at Chev. Sadly couldn't get the side on photos but hope someone can help clinch the ID?

Thanks to JA and Chris for ID!


  1. Looks like probably a Migrant Hawker, small discreet streaks on the body behind the head, Southern Hawker has big gaudy markings here.


  2. Thanks. JA also contacted me and confirmed it as Migrant Hawker.