Saturday, 1 September 2018

September 1st ... Greenish Warbler

My reward for a daily stroll from Chevington to Hadston Scaurs.

Approaching the L-shaped hide, expecting to find GW's bike in the hide I heard a small group of Blue Tits calling. Then from behind me the very distinctive chizzli call had me back tracking. The repetitive call made it very easy to locate. It also appeared on the outside of the bushes and I managed three quick snaps.

This was one of my shots and it could be anything.

Fairly happy with this one.

Same as above but heavily cropped.

However the top photo was (as was finding the bird) a stroke of good luck. After watching it through the leaf cover and not getting any better views I continued my daily routine. Only a scattering of Wheatears to add to new arrivals. 

As I put out the news I got a message from GW at Newbiggin. The Leucistic Sandwich Tern was there with other Terns. I first saw the bird about lunchtime on Friday, ME photographed the bird at Boulmer Friday evening and now 7:30 am Saturday it was at Newbiggin.

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