Tuesday, 8 November 2016

The Birds Keep Arriving!

Frustrated a bit by the weather and the holes in my shoes, I still managed some good additions to my patch list (If I had one ... I know I started one in February or March?).

Iceland Gull
Woodcock, Pomarine Skua, Little Auk, Hen Harrier and Waxwing added to the Redwing, Fieldfare and Blackbirds which are still arriving.

An oiled juv kittiwake (dark head) got me thinking of Sabines Gull, and moments later I missed the real one observed from the car park just South of the one I was parked in.


Yes they have arrived and a single at Druridge Pools was my first. Since then I've seen three flocks 20, 30 and 30. There is also a large flock of 100+ at North Seaton I'm told.

Today I timed my shopping perfectly. New shoes bought, sun came out and the trilling birds put on a great display.

Later at DBCP I heard a small flock of Waxwings fly over the dunes but couldn't see them.

Rowan Berries are the food of choice at the moment.

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