Thursday, 24 November 2016

Patch Birding

The South Loop
More than waders needed here!

3 Waxwings on the patch, 5 Long-tailed Duck

 A good clean out of the burn.

The Shorelarks continue to defy the disturbances and now up to 7 can be seen together.

A brief visit to Newbiggin on Monday and in the strengthening winds I managed only Purple Sandpiper on the rocks and 9 Grey Partridge on the Golf Course.

Oh well the cracking male decided to fly off before I was ready with the camera, but just imagine the sight of it in this beautiful light.

Couple of these have found a new winter refuge.

Ice suspended as the water levels dropped rapidly.

Mr and Mrs

Other birding highlights; 2 Water Pipits (with 30 Meadow Pipits nearby), Chiffchaff and Siberian Chifchaff. In addition LesserWhitethroat Ssp? I'm sure it was one of the rarer subspecies and I know which one I would bet on. Hope I can relocate on a future visit.

1955 Transactions of the Natural History Society

As Above
I had a quick glance at an old BiN and found also flock of 5 Long Nanny 2004. So these larger flocks were more common in the past.

Bell's farm flash has about 2000 waders. A good variety including 7 species and well worth checking the 400+ Golden Plover.

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