Thursday, 11 February 2016

Cold and Bright

Cold, Sunny mornings but the Skylarks were in full song flight today. Ringed Plover were also displaying on the beach.

Nice light for photos.

The Waxwing, still at Widdrington, favours the side of the Hawthorn away from the road making it tricky to get a shot through the branches.

Goosander still putting on a good show.

Nice walk along the beach at Newbiggin. Lots of common waders and this rather nice Linnet.

Back for Seconds.

Crossbills couldn't be found today but some rather splendid Siskins attacking the cones instead.

Northumberland Wildlife Trust

This magnificent Stile was completed this week. A hard-working Trust employee spent the whole day toiling to complete it. Well done! This is over a fence into an enclosed piece of wood that is used by groups of children to make temporary shelters. During the summer they tear down the branches and complete various other useful 'survival' tasks.

Oh! ******!
There is already a gate into this wood (less than 20m away)!

You've got to laugh?

No sign of the work promised at Chevington in January either?

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