Tuesday, 9 February 2016

A Nice Variety

Barn Owl, Short-eared Owl and Marsh Harrier started the walk from Druridge to Chevington. (I hadn't seen the Harrier for over a week but glad to see it is still around.)

The Water Rail has been showing well but I still can't manage a good photo. A call from BB alerted me to a Waxwing 0.5 miles from my house. I arrived just as it disappeared, but after a couple of drives along the road eventually allowed me to connect. It was still there today (09/02/2016) but it can disappear into the tall trees to rest and digest its crop full of berries.

This Guillemot looks a bit undernourished but still managed to waddle, swim and dive.

Plenty of feeder action in the garden and Country Park.

A good number of different aged White-fronted Geese at Cresswell.

Finally ... it's almost time for Hayfever Tablets?

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