Friday, 11 September 2015

ToB and R-fF

Tuesday Highlight 
Druridge Pools

Tour of Britain passes my house. Mum visiting, as she's a bit of a cycling fan (watching not participating).

Once the road cleared we headed for Druridge in search of Otter and Butterflies. We managed only two Wall Brown.

"I'll just check Cresswell" I said. Boy am I glad I didn't head home!
Car screeches to a halt. Bird on wire. I looked through binoculars and the conversation went something like:

"Good News I've found a rare bird, Bad News we have to wait here for thirty minutes until someone else gets here to see it."

Mum was abandoned in the car to read a book on her techy tablet thing whilst I rang RBA and various local birders. (I've only got 5 on my phone, and since I no longer use twitter, that was it.) Mum was subjected to listening to conversations that involved various expletives.

Mum reminded me to ring ST (I forgot ... oops ... my best mate). His reply was brilliant but I can't repeat it here.

First to arrive was FG who asked what I had seen ... to which he replied he'd seen it earlier flying over Hemscott Hill (I was a tad disappointed that I hadn't found it, but Hey Ho people were on the way.)

Poor Mum then had to listen to the excitable chatter from visiting locals (County Tick for most of them!). Once the crowd reached 10ish I felt I could leave. Sadly the bird disappeared shortly after and some of my birding friends hadn't made it. Thinking about its feather moult and its constant feeding I didn't expect it to go far. I was delighted it was back next day and I hope everyone caught up with it. 

Amazing Bird!

Haydon Bridge

1st KoM stage

Fontburn Reservoir

Druridge again for Butterflies

Tomorrow (Saturday) could be a good migrant spotting day so I'll try and get to the coast at some stage. 

A tip off from BB had me heading to Cresswell to see Yellow-browed Warbler, Firecrest, Pied Flycatcher and Redstart.

Hoping for a good find today (Monday 14th)

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