Friday, 18 September 2015


Willow Tit (Newbiggin)
This time of year is always one of excitement. My trip to Newbiggin started with a small warbler threading its way through the irises. Patience was needed as it was sure to give itself up, and sure enough a snarling call and a brief flit through the fence was enough to confirm its ID. Sedge Warbler!

This warbler played a similar game at Chev but it was close to its nest site so not so much of a surprise. Reed Warbler!

This adult winter Little Gull was a welcome visitor to the Ponteland Hide, Hauxley. Although one of the Black-headed Gulls took a dislike to it?

Not a Partridge and Not a Pear Tree?

Magic Moment

Pintail (Druridge)

New path at Hauxley

Y-bW at Druridge this morning only gave brief views but was very vocal. So I headed to Spittal car park and was greeted by a loud pssweet, however it came from this Pied Wagtail not a Y-bW.

Still a few butterflies on the wing.

The beach at Hauxley ...Rock Pipit and Wheatear.
Whinchats at Chev, Hadston and Newbiggin and a Redstart at Hadston my other highlights.

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