Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Wonderful Waders

A day off from blogging yesterday. Caught up with many jobs including donating my huge 'tie collecton' to the charity shop.

The past few days have had the phone ringing with news of some stunning birds in Northumberland, but the urge to avoid the 'Twitch and Bitch' crowds meant I chose to forego the opportunities.

This morning I decided to make an early start (not quite as early as NE Birder) and I was rewarded with exceptional views of this Stilt Sandpiper.

The birding in the last two days has had a distinctly autumnal feel to it. Wablers working their way to the coast and finch flocks building. (50 Goldfinch, 30 Linnets and a flock of 80 Sand Martins resting on the beach early morning).

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